Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuitition * Scholarships * Loans with a grace period (tuition of 21 KM per month) * Interest-free loans

Annual tuition fee in Faculty of Information Technologies is 3.000,00 KM. This price includes all costs of exam registration, in scheduled period, courses and seminars organized in University, use of internet cafe, university’s library and other administrative costs.

Students can pay tuition fee in 10 equal monthly payments. Students pay costs of signing material, which is 50, 00 KM as well as insurance in amount of 3, 00 KM during enrollment.

Tuition fee in Faculty of Information Technologies regarding re-signing, that is renewal of year, is paid by unrealized amount of ECTS points – following the formula:

Number of unrealized ECTS points from a year that is being renewaled x 30, 00 KM.

Slobomir P University is institution that is striving to meet all needs of its best students even when it comes to paying tuition fee, thus “Fund for talents and solidarity” has been founded which will provide 500.000 KM for the best students and high school learners this year. The fund will, for students with overall grade A from high school, provide scholarship in amount of 3.000 KM (free schooling).

Future students can achieve some privileges in regards to paying tuition fee:

-          A possibility of discount on paying tuition fee due to participating in high school competitions;

-          Paying tuition fee after a study is finished: possibility of granting credit on 7 years for students, with grace period of 4 years.

-          Paying of tuition fee  via standard student’s credits

Due to catastrophic floods that struck Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, Slobomir P University, with help of Pavlovic International Bank, provided an opportunity for present and future students to pay their tuition fees with credits without interest rates in mentioned banks.

Besides listed scholarships students of Slobomir P University have possibility to compete for scholarships on local, city, republic and state level, and to compete equally for numerous foreign scholarships.