Word of the Dean

Word of the Dean

Information and communication technologies are seen as one of the strategic directions of societal development. Large companies, small private entrepreneurs, banks, telecommunication providers, medical facilities, public companies and educational institutions, as a necessary tool for work, acquire and develop, work and communicate with each other using computers. Computing involves design and development of hardware and software systems for different purposes: processing, organization and management of information, scientific research with the help of computers, creating intelligent computer systems, creation and use of media both for communication and entertainment, finding and collecting information for various purposes etc.

With its orientation towards modern study programs, quality of studies and their constant improvement, good planning and organization, Faculty of Information Technology guarantees to satisfy the educational needs of young generations for existing and forthcoming technical-technological and socio-economic systems. By adopting trends of the global education system through the Bologna principles and cooperation with other colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and business organizations, the Faculty of Information Technology expresses the desire to soon find itself in the company of the best and most respected. Our students are a living proof with their success in competitions and quick employment after graduation.

Faculty of Information Technology offers the following educational profiles:

Engineer of informatics – four-year study
Engineer of informatics – a three-year study

Master of Informatics:
Field of Information Systems
Field of computer networks and telecommunications


prof. dr Đorđe Babić