The best student projects

The best student projects

In the previous years, aside from numerous student papers (seminars, graduate and master papers), the students of Slobomir P University have worked on a great significant projects. Some of them are presented below.


Imagine Cup 2013 Slobomir P Univerzitet – BIh represented the SPU team, Branko Krstic, Igor Perić, Igor Lale I Igor Tomic, in the finals of the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup competition. Their project ICU – Interactive Cognitive Unit is a system which assists blind people and people with sight problems. The system sends information on the image ,that they would usually see through their eyes, to the skin in the form of vibrations on their forearm. This system allows them to get a better understanding of objects around, giving them a sense of their shape, color and other characteristics. The project was realized with the assistance of a Microsoft Kinect device, which turned out to be useful in the realization of the project in new, interesting ways, exceeding the possibilities that were initially specified by Microsoft, which intended the device for the purpose of fun and games by using Xbox360.


The FloodSim Project was designed by students of the Faculty for Infromation Technologies in 2011, by students Igor Peric and Branko Krstić. They designed a solution for the inability to predict the water flow and its intensity on the surface of the earth due to various natural disasters (floods, deconstruction of dams, tsunami, heavy rainfalls etc). Their software can simulate water flow in real time and evaluate the water flow an its intensity

after some time and present the results and different scenarios graphicallyin case a flood arises. Designed this way, it is meant to decrease the level of damage that a natural disaster is bound to cause. From a technical point of view, this solution is truly unique since this was the first time that parallel processing was used on high-speed graph card processors ( which are usually used for video games) for increasing the operating speed and enabling water flow simulations. This simulation allows different scenarios to be tested when it comes to situations of crisis, and a solution scenario to be devised (digging up canals, building dams) on the screen. Then, it is possible to make decisions on an action in the case such a situation arises, based on graphical and statistical results.