Slobomir P University started working on 3rd November, 2003 in two campuses, in Slobomir and Doboj, opening the door to the students of the Faculty for Management and the IT Faculty which then were more than two hundred. Nowadays, Slobomir P University consists of four faculties and two academies.

In the academic year 2004/2005 the Law Faculty, the Tax Academy, the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty for Design and Graphics started working. In the academic year 2005/2006 the Faculty for Design and Graphics grew up to the Academy with two departments – the Department for Design and Graphics and the Department for the General Music Pedagogy, and the Law Faculty, beside the General Department, got the Department for the General Security.

In the academic year 2005/2006 first students were enrolled at the MBM studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management and since the academic year 2010/2011 started the enrollment to the master studies at all faculties and academies.

Since the academic year 2006/2007 beside the four-year studies were also introduced the three-year studies, and the Department for Drama and Film Art started working at the Academy of Arts. The Academy of Arts was richer for one study program since 2010/2011 – the Audio-visual Art on Film and Television.

In November, 2004 the program for student employment started being realized with the aim to provide the students of Slobomir P University with the working practice during the studies. With that aim, the contracts on the strategic cooperation with the great number of institutions and economic subjects in the region were signed.

At the Slobomir P University was established the unique Student Union of Slobomir P University, which equally performs in both campuses and it consists of the representatives of all faculties. By the IT Faculty of Slobomir P University since the autumn 2006 there is a local committee of the International Organization for Students Exchange – IAESTE (International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), which provides students with the practice abroad. Through this organization in the first cycle of exchange, during the summer 2007, six students from the Slobomir P University spent the summer doing practice abroad.

Slobomir P University established cooperation with a great number of universities in close and far surrounding, among which the Northern Illinois University is the striking one and the Contract on the Long-Term Strategic Partnership was signed on the 18th June, 2008. the partnership cover four areas: student exchange, lessons, business aspect and administration.

The Academy of Arts of Slobomir P University since 2011 is the part of TEMPUS project InMusWB called the “Introduction of interdisciplinary in the music studies in the West Balkans according to the European perspective”, which is planned to last three years. The project InMusWB is the project of many countries (Serbia, Bosnia, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Holland, Slovenia and Sweden) which covers high education in the field of music with the development of the interdisciplinary approach as a priority.