Word of the rector

Word of the rector

The time in which we live, fast technology development and limitless course of information made the needs for advancement and accomplishment to be essential life imperative and work of each individual. Our University recognized this fact a long time ago and during the last years we strove to create such a working environment in which our most important task is the utmost education of an individual.

We believe that studying is not only whole day sitting in the classrooms or spending numerous hours with a book or in front of computer. Our view of studying is seen as a fine process of transformation in which you widen your horizons and during which you form yourself, not only as professionals, but also as respectable citizens and good persons.

Our study programs are created following the model of the most prestigious world universities, and at the same time adapted to satisfy the requirements of the domestic labor market. The rooms of modern design and professional staff are the base for acquirement of qualitative knowledge. Our professors and demonstrators are experts, who have great reputation in the country and abroad, and the close cooperation between the education staff and students is what we insist on and what we consider to be a considerable advantage. Our students are not only numbers. The student is the center of attention and represents the most important link in the academic process.

We believe that, if you are looking for the qualitative education which will enable you to decide about your future readily and safely, our University is the right place for you.

We cordially welcome you to the big family of the Slobomir P University.

 Rector of University