Financing and scholarships

Financing and scholarships

Tuition fee on one-year master academic studies in all faculties of the Slobomir P University is 2,934 KM (1500 euros), except the Music Department of Academy of Arts in which is paid 1,564(800 euros).The registration and defence of master thesis is paid 978KM (500 euros, except the Music Department of Academy of Arts in which is paid 1,564KM (800 euros).9

The tuition fee includes all costs of lectures, registration of exams, courses and seminars organized by the University, the usage of Internet club, university libraries and other administrative costs.

Students have the option of paying tuition fee by 8 equal instalments (six instalments for the registration of the thesis and one instalment for the defence of thesis.

There is also an option of paying tuition fees through the student’s loans in ”Pavlovic International bank” a.d.Bijeljina.

The Slobomir P University has established The ”Fund for talents and solidarity’’, from which funds for scholarships will be allocated to 100 students, as follows:

The tuition discount of 15% for those who have completed undergraduate studies at SPU -50 scholarships.

The tuition discount of 50% for those who are employed in family companies Pavlovic-50 scholarships.

In addition to the scholarships above, the M.A. students of Slobomir P University have the opportunity to apply for scholarships at local, city, republic and state level, and to equally compete for numerous foreign scholarships.