Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Office for the quality assurance at the Slobomir P University Faculty of Information Technology is an integral part of the entire quality assurance process at the university.

Ensuring the quality of work and study performed by the university itself and faculties and academies at the university is part of the national quality assurance and a prerequisite for comparability of diplomas and qualifications in the context of a single European Higher Education Area.

The objective of establishing an institutional quality assurance system is to set standards for the quality of work and regulating mechanisms and procedures for managing, monitoring, evaluation, improvement and development of quality, as well as developing policies and organizational culture in performing of all activities at the University.

Priority areas in which it provides, ensures, promotes and controls the quality are:

- Quality of study programs,
- Quality of the teaching process,
- Quality of scientific research and professional work,
- Quality of teachers and staff,
- Quality of students,
- Quality of textbooks, literature, library and information resources,
- Quality of managing a higher education institution and the quality of non-teaching support,
- Quality of facilities and equipment,
- Quality of financing,
- Role of students in self-evaluation and verification of quality,
- Systematic monitoring and periodic quality checks,
- Transparency of its operations.

The Office does the following:

- Provides advice and recommendations to the organizational units of the faculty,
- Organizes seminars in the field of quality assurance,
- works on establishing and editing documents on quality assurance,
- defines the criteria of quality of functioning of the faculty,
- Develops procedures of external and internal evaluation, methods for exploring different aspects of the quality of education and different target groups (students, teachers, administrative staff, managers, employers)
- Prepares, organizes and coordinates the evaluation of different segments of faculty’s functioning ,
- Provides feedback from students and directs their suggestions, proposals and criticism,
- Collects, processes and analyzes information about the quality assurance from all users,
- Organizes vocational and professional training of and administrative staff .

Office Coordinator : Mr Dragoljub Pilipović
Office no. 321, Slobomir campus
Telephone number: 055 231 167