Coordinator for the international and national cooperation

Coordinator for the international and national cooperation

Slobomir P University, from its very founding, gives the attention to the aspect of the international academic cooperation. Via faculty or directly, the University establishes the cooperation with many scientific and educational institutions and associations from abroad, which is gained by the membership in the international academic associations, work on the projects of regional and international importance, as well as the signing of the contracts and memorandums on the direct cooperation.

Slobomir P University is, via the Music Academy, a member of the university consortiums which work on the international InmusWeb TEPMUS project (IV call). The Law Faculty of the Slobomir P University in the 2013, in the TEMPUS program (VI call) applied within two international academic consortiums – ENUPOD (the project intended for the combat of minority discrimination on the labor market) and WADSS (the project intended for the improvement of the studying conditions for the students with special needs). Through the first TEPUS project, which is in realization, and the other two whose realization is expected, Slobomir P University established cooperation with 34 institutions of educational and scientific character, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations from RS, BH, region and EU. Thanks to the geographic position, the Slobomir P University will apply for the assets of IPA intended for the over border cooperation, together with the universities from Croatia, public institutions and non-governmental sector from Serbia.

The business of the international cooperation is led by the Office for the International Cooperation and whose coordinator is Mile Vasić, PhD.

The working hours of the office for the national and international cooperation is every work day from 8am to 4 pm.


Telephone: + 387 53 209 621,

                          + 387 66 88 11 22


Office: Campus at Doboj